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Lively Youth Programs from Our Children’s Climbing Gym in Jefferson County, KY

Rocksport Climbing Gym in Louisville, Kentucky, offers school and youth programs for climbers of all levels. We also offer rental services of our facility for a climbing birthday party or event. If you want to learn more about our children’s climbing gym in Jefferson County, KY, contact us today.

Youth Programs

Join our youth program on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. This program includes private rock climbing instructions from our trained staff. You can also enroll in our monthly program for $60 per month, which includes the following:

• Four Saturday Morning Programs • Student Membership • 10% Discount on Retail Gear

Groups & Parties

Rocksport Climbing Gym is a great place for a kids climbing party and other group events. For only $150, you get two hours of climbing for up to 10 people. Please note that every additional person is charged $15. This package includes:

• Instruction • Harness Rental  • Use of Upstairs Mezzanine Area

Private Instruction

Top-rope classes on the fundamentals of knot-tying and belaying are offered to climbers who are 14 years old or older. This is by appointment only and you just pay a $35 fee that includes the following:

• Day Pass • Harness  • Shoe Rental

School Programs

Rocksport designed an experiential school program to help maximize children's full potential and explore their physical, emotional, and mental limitations. Upon completion, your students gain the ability to face challenges with confidence and solve problems through innovation, teamwork, and resourcefulness. We improve many facets, including the following:

Cognitive Skills:

• Problem Solving Skills
• Focus and Concentration 
• Perceptive Skills
• Logical Thinking 
• Creative Thinking
• Memory 

Psychological Skills:

• Self-Awareness
• Self-Esteem
• Self-Confidence
• Managing Emotions 
• Managing Anxiety
• Coping Mechanisms
• Social Skills
• Communication Skills 
• Trust
• Motivation
• Perseverance 

Physical Skills:

• Upper & Lower Body Strength
• Balance
• Core strength 
• Endurance
• Flexibility 
• Stability
• Posture 

Stay Fit While Having Fun

The activities we offer at our children’s climbing gym are great ways to stay fit while having fun and building confidence. If you’re looking for a rewarding summer youth program or weekend hobby that your kids will love, we encourage you to sign them up for our classes. Climbing is uniquely satisfying because it allows you to set attainable goals, see real progress, and get excited to face new challenges.

Our climbers experience boosted mood and motivation while engaging in activities that improve strength and flexibility. Introducing kids to climbing sparks an interest in an activity that can provide a lifetime of excitement and health benefits. It all starts by getting your children involved in the fun activities for kids at our climbing gym.

Contact us for more information about our activities. Our climbing gym offers fun programs for kids in Jefferson County, Kentucky.