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A Safe Rock Climbing Gym in Jefferson County, KY

Offering terrific rock climbing classes in Jefferson County, KY A top-quality rock climbing gym in Jefferson County, KY If you want to throw a climbing birthday party in Jefferson County, KY, contact us


Rocksport Climbing Gym offers challenging rock climbing classes for climbers of every level. We focus on teaching you the fundamental techniques so you can be an excellent climber.

Wall & Gear

For parties and events, you can rent our mobile climbing wall made from sturdy materials. We also construct various types of climbing walls for residential and commercial establishments.


At Rocksport, we offer youth programs as well as a summer camp, so kids can develop their physical, mental, and emotional aspects. Our goal is to help you become better individuals through the rock climbing.

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Climbing Wall Association

Youth Summer Camp Date
June 18 - 22, 2018
Call for details: (502) 266-5833

Who We Are

Rocksport Climbing Gym in Louisville, Kentucky, is an indoor rock climbing gym that offers fun climbing lessons for both kids and adults. We have more than 35 years of experience in helping clients to be physically, mentally, and psychologically stronger through climbing. At Rocksport, we have a 10,000 square-foot facility with an indoor climbing surface, a climbing tower, and a lead climbing cave that are open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers. Our rock climbing gym in Jefferson County, KY, also provides climbing gear, clothing, books, and accessories. For your convenience, you may buy refreshments and use our restrooms and showers.

Get in Shape at Our Rock Climbing Gym

Does the repetitive cardio and weight-lifting routine at the gym leave you less than enthusiastic about fitness? Rocksport Climbing Gym has the solution for you. Indoor rock climbing is an exciting challenge that pushes you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Get motivated about your health by visiting our fun rock climbing gym in Jefferson County, KY.

Rock climbing is a rewarding activity that you can enjoy alone or with a group of your friends. It gives you the opportunity to set goals and experience real improvement when you stick with it, while never becoming just another boring exercise routine.

Experience the thrill of adventure as you climb to new heights, discipline your body, and conquer your fears. While some first-time climbers are apprehensive about heights, our professional-grade equipment and highly trained staff will keep you safe at all times.

Our rock climbing classes offer a low-impact cardio exercise that strengthens your core, improves your flexibility and endurance, and works your upper and lower body. Long-term climbers have boosted confidence, problem-solving and communication skills, and coping mechanisms. At our gym, the path to self-improvement isn’t forward: it’s upward. 

Contact our climbing gym today in Louisville, Kentucky, to request more information about our products and services.